I’m a blogger !!!

GUYS !!!!

I’m a blogger, O-M-GOODNESS haha.

Please ignore that random moment I just had, but be prepared for more over the course of my future post, I tend to have them a lot lol.

My name is Sherly Smith, I am a Haiti born but America raised, currently 20 years of age studying Psychology at Temple University. I am a christian, I’m outgoing, compassionate, caring, understanding,and extremely sarcastic. I have an older brother who is currently in school aspiring to be a nurse anaesthetist, a younger sister who is aspiring to be a lawyer, and myself who is aspiring to be come a pediatric neuropsychiatrist. But that is enough about me,the real question is why make a blog.

Well, since I’ve entered college my goal besides graduating is studying abroad, and since I’ve been researching and looking into different programs, I have yet to find a blog that give me everything i am looking for about study abroad. now don’t get me wrong i have found amazing blogs and advice about study abroad, but I have not found a blog that gives it all. so I am hoping and planning on making my blog abroadwithsherls that full and complete abroad blog, I am planning on taking you through every inch of my journey, from picking a program, to applying, budging, going abroad, and coming back.

So come along, feel free to ask me about anything and everything, and hold on cause your going abroadwithsherls !!

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” ― Augustine of Hippo