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Do Piercings and Christianity mingle.

So I know I dedicated my blog to studying abroad but I figure whats the harm in making a random post here and there.

So as I mentioned in my about me I am a christian, and there are many controversial subjects within the christian community, but the one I want to talk about in this post is piercings; specifically are they acceptable.

As a woman who does not have any piercings what so ever (not even my ears) my parents (specifically my father) raised me to believe that piercings are wrong, as a child my mother would have pierced my ears but my father intervened and even now as I’m getting older and wanting to pierce my ears he is still not getting on board. So I’ve spoken to many church members and pastors about this topic and what I’ve come to realize is that piercings are more of a personal choice.

See a person who is opposed piercings will most commonly say that the bible is against it which is not completely a lie because in the old testament the bible does go against it. But that was in the old testament and some will say that even though we are no longer under the Old Testament law that the fact that there was a command against tattoos should raise some questions. While on the other hand those who are not opposed it will then use the line that we are no longer under the law and therefore we do not have to follow the laws that were given in the old testament.

Although The New Testament says nothing about whether or not a believer should get a piercing it does say that our bodies are the Temple of God.

So to be frank, since there is NO scripture in the new testament that clearly says that piercings are wrong I think its up to the believer, If in your heart you truly believe that piercings are wrong then by all means believe that but on the other hand if you believe that there is no wrong in piercings then who am I to tell you that you are wrong. Do what you believe is right unless the bible is against it.

Now do not get me wrong I am not telling anybody to go out and get every piercing because you are a representation of Christ and your body is a temple of God so yes make the temple beautiful but do not defile the temple.

Now I am not saying I am the poster child of Christianity because I am a christian so if you find fault in my post that’s fine just comment below and point it out. its okay if we have different opinions, this one is just mine.

Until Next time,

“God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him”
John Piper