Hey Stranger !

Heyy Guys ,

Remember me ? lol … Don’t shoot me down guys I know I’ve been a horrible blogger but so much has happened that I must tell you guys about;

1. I finally got my Macbook Pro 😁

2. I turned 21 in February 🎂🍺

3. Ive started my Study Abroad application !

4. I’ve changed my destination …

5.My mom has officially given the GO for study abroad …

Now out of everything on this list I’m most excited with number 4, my mom was my biggest worry when it came to study abroad because i just didn’t see her saying yes to me going abroad for 3 months but surprisingly when I spoke to her, her biggest concern was cost (of course) and her answer was as  long as we can afford it then “YES” ! So starting today I am on the ultimate search for every study abroad grant and scholarship possible. I am honest going to try my best to bring down the cost to an all time minimum.

I have chosen to go with Rome Italy for study abroad because it is more cost efficent than London, so if anyone has any advise or recommendations for getting study abroad grants/ scholarships please feel free to comment below !!

I Am Super Excited.

“And then I realized adventure was the best way to learn”.


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