Why study abroad ?!

The thought of studying abroad is always an appealing one. Who doesn’t want to visit another country ? But you have to know and understanding why you want to go abroad. Because that may every well shift where your destination is.
There are many reasons to study abroad;

-For the experience
-To party
-To Travel all over
-Emerge in a different culture
-To find yourself
-to actually study

Those are just a few, but the quicker you decide why the easier planning will be.

For me I know that I want to study abroad, for the experience, to travel, to find myself, and to grow. So it was simple when deciding my destination. Where else but London UK !!
I need somewhere that I could get sense of a different culture but not one that’s too far off from American, I don’t want to go anywhere with a different language, and I need a place where traveling outside the city is fairly easy and interesting.

So my advice to you is decide why you want to go abroad before deciding anything else.

Until next time,

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”
-Lao Tzu



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