Within 3 Weeks !

So I submitted my study abroad application and it said I would get an email with a decision within in 3 weeks …. but this Friday will actually make 3 WEEKS ! Why must they make me suffer till the last minute, within 3 weeks could have been last week, or even the day after I submitted my application… okay thats a bit dramatic, I’m just so anxious, nervous and excited wanting to study abroad is one thing but actually getting accepted and planning it is another, I’m just super ready to get things started. Once my planning starts thats when the fun part of my blog starts which is telling you guys every detail of what it takes to get ready and plan.

Stay Tuned Guys I Should Get An Answer This Week.

Until Next Time

“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson


One Step Closer To Rome !


I figure since I am planning on going to Italy I might as well start practicing the language !

So I am still in the process of completing my application and I am super excited honestly I’m thinking to myself “Sherly if your this excited now and you haven’t even finished the application then your head if possibly going to blow off if/when you get accepted!” lol.

Although I have plenty of time to complete my application I want to stay on top of everything because I’d rather know sooner rather than later if anything comes up or happens. Well thats all for now lol, ill come back when something excited happens lol, until then feel free to comment/like/or ask questions ! besides what else am I here for lol

Until Next time

Travel makes you modest, you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world. -Gustave Flaubert  

Hey Stranger !

Heyy Guys ,

Remember me ? lol … Don’t shoot me down guys I know I’ve been a horrible blogger but so much has happened that I must tell you guys about;

1. I finally got my Macbook Pro 😁

2. I turned 21 in February 🎂🍺

3. Ive started my Study Abroad application !

4. I’ve changed my destination …

5.My mom has officially given the GO for study abroad …

Now out of everything on this list I’m most excited with number 4, my mom was my biggest worry when it came to study abroad because i just didn’t see her saying yes to me going abroad for 3 months but surprisingly when I spoke to her, her biggest concern was cost (of course) and her answer was as  long as we can afford it then “YES” ! So starting today I am on the ultimate search for every study abroad grant and scholarship possible. I am honest going to try my best to bring down the cost to an all time minimum.

I have chosen to go with Rome Italy for study abroad because it is more cost efficent than London, so if anyone has any advise or recommendations for getting study abroad grants/ scholarships please feel free to comment below !!

I Am Super Excited.

“And then I realized adventure was the best way to learn”.

Money Please !

Hey Guys,

Hope you guys are all well !! I know I have not posted in a while, not that i know anyone whose actually sitting at home waiting for me to post lol, but all is well on my part school got a bit hectic so I was solely focused on that but I figured since I am on break I might as well indulge myself.

As for my study abroad track, as the time approaches for me to start my application process I am starting to look at Rome as a destination option, I know I said that London is my dream destination but Rome is so much more affordable. I know I should not let money stop me from fulfilling my ‘dreams’ but i still have to be conscience of what I can afford and what I cannot.

I will be looking into different scholarships and grants that I can apply for but when the time comes I will be applying for both London and Rome and take it from there on.

If you guys have any scholarships or grants that you would like to share with me please feel free to comment and let me know, or if you guys have any advise or anything please feel free to comment or make a suggestion.

Until next time

When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money.  Then take half the clothes and twice the money.  ~Susan Heller

Themes for the weekend: Harry Potter, Royals, and Les Miserables

I Love this post. This is the kind of experiences I’m looking forward to while studying abroad in London !!

Rachael Goes to London

Wow. This weekend was quite the adventure. So much to share, hopefully I don’t write a novel trying to tell you all about it. Apologies if I do!

Let’s start with Thursday night/ Friday. I picked Keara up at Victoria train station Thursday night. She flew in from Copenhagen, where she’s studying for the semester, for the weekend. There was a little mishap where I was waiting at the wrong grocery store within the station and she was waiting at a different one, so it took us about 30 minutes to find each other (which is mostly my fault because I wandered through the aisles of the grocery store’s candy selection without noticing the time). Anyway, I finally found her and we were on our way back to Mile End. Unfortunately I had class on Friday from 9-10 and again from 12-1 so Keara went off exploring London by herself…

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Do Piercings and Christianity mingle.

So I know I dedicated my blog to studying abroad but I figure whats the harm in making a random post here and there.

So as I mentioned in my about me I am a christian, and there are many controversial subjects within the christian community, but the one I want to talk about in this post is piercings; specifically are they acceptable.

As a woman who does not have any piercings what so ever (not even my ears) my parents (specifically my father) raised me to believe that piercings are wrong, as a child my mother would have pierced my ears but my father intervened and even now as I’m getting older and wanting to pierce my ears he is still not getting on board. So I’ve spoken to many church members and pastors about this topic and what I’ve come to realize is that piercings are more of a personal choice.

See a person who is opposed piercings will most commonly say that the bible is against it which is not completely a lie because in the old testament the bible does go against it. But that was in the old testament and some will say that even though we are no longer under the Old Testament law that the fact that there was a command against tattoos should raise some questions. While on the other hand those who are not opposed it will then use the line that we are no longer under the law and therefore we do not have to follow the laws that were given in the old testament.

Although The New Testament says nothing about whether or not a believer should get a piercing it does say that our bodies are the Temple of God.

So to be frank, since there is NO scripture in the new testament that clearly says that piercings are wrong I think its up to the believer, If in your heart you truly believe that piercings are wrong then by all means believe that but on the other hand if you believe that there is no wrong in piercings then who am I to tell you that you are wrong. Do what you believe is right unless the bible is against it.

Now do not get me wrong I am not telling anybody to go out and get every piercing because you are a representation of Christ and your body is a temple of God so yes make the temple beautiful but do not defile the temple.

Now I am not saying I am the poster child of Christianity because I am a christian so if you find fault in my post that’s fine just comment below and point it out. its okay if we have different opinions, this one is just mine.

Until Next time,

“God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him”
John Piper

Why study abroad ?!

The thought of studying abroad is always an appealing one. Who doesn’t want to visit another country ? But you have to know and understanding why you want to go abroad. Because that may every well shift where your destination is.
There are many reasons to study abroad;

-For the experience
-To party
-To Travel all over
-Emerge in a different culture
-To find yourself
-to actually study

Those are just a few, but the quicker you decide why the easier planning will be.

For me I know that I want to study abroad, for the experience, to travel, to find myself, and to grow. So it was simple when deciding my destination. Where else but London UK !!
I need somewhere that I could get sense of a different culture but not one that’s too far off from American, I don’t want to go anywhere with a different language, and I need a place where traveling outside the city is fairly easy and interesting.

So my advice to you is decide why you want to go abroad before deciding anything else.

Until next time,

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”
-Lao Tzu


I’m a blogger !!!

GUYS !!!!

I’m a blogger, O-M-GOODNESS haha.

Please ignore that random moment I just had, but be prepared for more over the course of my future post, I tend to have them a lot lol.

My name is Sherly Smith, I am a Haiti born but America raised, currently 20 years of age studying Psychology at Temple University. I am a christian, I’m outgoing, compassionate, caring, understanding,and extremely sarcastic. I have an older brother who is currently in school aspiring to be a nurse anaesthetist, a younger sister who is aspiring to be a lawyer, and myself who is aspiring to be come a pediatric neuropsychiatrist. But that is enough about me,the real question is why make a blog.

Well, since I’ve entered college my goal besides graduating is studying abroad, and since I’ve been researching and looking into different programs, I have yet to find a blog that give me everything i am looking for about study abroad. now don’t get me wrong i have found amazing blogs and advice about study abroad, but I have not found a blog that gives it all. so I am hoping and planning on making my blog abroadwithsherls that full and complete abroad blog, I am planning on taking you through every inch of my journey, from picking a program, to applying, budging, going abroad, and coming back.

So come along, feel free to ask me about anything and everything, and hold on cause your going abroadwithsherls !!

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” ― Augustine of Hippo